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Which Air Conditioning Unit Should I Choose – Split System Or Ducted?

When looking for an air conditioner, the first and most important question is which of the two systems, ducted or split system, is the best option for you. Both are effective, but being informed of their differences will guide you to the one best suited to your needs. Your decision will rest on factors such as how much of an area you wish to cool, your budget, and the type of home you have. The following is a rundown of the various factors you need to consider.

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What Is The Difference Between Split System And Ducted?

Split system, as the name suggests, consists of two units. The external unit, which contains the condenser, transfers heat into refrigerated air and is connected via piping to the internal unit. This internal unit is the evaporator, which is fixed to an inside wall or as a free-standing unit on the floor.

Ducted air conditioning, common in shopping centres and workplaces for many years, has become increasingly popular in large homes. A ducted system is hidden in an out of sight space, often in the roof, and fans send the cooled air through vents into different rooms throughout the home.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Split System?

The significant advantage of a split system is its cost-effectiveness. These systems are less expensive to purchase, install, and maintain. There is minimal modification required to your home, and they take less time to install. If you’re restrained by budget and opt for a split system, there is the added advantage that you can add additional units to the house if you wish and as your budget allows.

The disadvantages are that the unit only cools or heats the area or room in which it has been placed, making it less effective if you are looking to service an extensive area. There may be limited options as to where the unit can be placed, impacting the appearance of that area.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Ducted System?

In general, a ducted system is much quieter than a split system. At the touch of a button, the air con quickly and efficiently cool or heat the whole home. Another advantage is that a thermostat controls the ducted system. This feature means you can keep a consistent temperature throughout the home or set different temperatures in different rooms. The entire system is hidden from view, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

The major disadvantage of a ducted system is in the cost of its purchase and the extra expense and additional time to make the necessary modifications to the home and install the system. It’s also a consideration that your home may not be large enough to accommodate a ducted system. For example, apartments and homes with limited roof space may not be fitted with the central fan coil unit.

Which System Suits You The Best?

Ultimately, the choice between split system or ducted will come down to a combination of factors—your budget, the size of your home, the areas you wish to heat or cool, the amount of maintenance required, and the aesthetics.

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