5 Tips To Reduce Costs Of Commercial Air Conditioning

Tired of paying over the odds for your business’s A/C? Follow these five top suggestions for how to reduce costs of commercial air conditioning. The experts at Chill-Rite Refrigeration & Air Conditioning in Orange and Dubbo have come up with five tips that ensure commercial air conditioning costs are kept as low as possible. Why pay more? Take a look and start saving!

commercial air conditioning in meeting room in orange

Invest in regular A/C servicing

Arguably the most important thing you can do to keep air conditioning costs low is to ensure the unit is regularly serviced by a qualified, experienced technician. A good service incorporates everything from performance testing through to:

  • Changing any parts that are showing signs of wear
  • Topping up fluid levels
  • Inspection of all moving parts, with cleaning provided if needed
  • Cleaning vents and other parts of the system that have collected dirt
  • Checking the condenser coils and cleaning if necessary
  • Ensuring the thermometer is working accurately
  • Analysing engine performance

The aim of a service isn’t just to reduce the risk of breakdown and prolong the life of your unit, it’s also to ensure optimal performance.

Decrease the amount of sunlight in the building

If you’re trying to keep the building cool, it’s obvious that sunlight entering the building isn’t going to help. That said, it’s obviously important that employees and customers have access to natural light. Tinting windows can be a good way to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the building. Even blinds can make a difference to the heating effect sunlight has on your interior.

Increase insulation

Insulation doesn’t just keep warm things warm, it also helps to keep your interior environment at a lower temperature during the warmer months. If you haven’t got them installed already, double-glazed windows are an absolute necessity. In addition, wall insulation can also reduce the ingress of heat through brickwork, at the same time as reducing the conduction of cool air to the outdoors. Although there is an initial investment to be made, in most cases the cost of insulation is swiftly recouped through lower energy bills.

Check your A/C system is right for your premises

If you have an A/C system that’s too small to service your current premises effectively, it’s not going to give you the economical performance you need. If you suspect your A/C isn’t appropriately sized for your premises, take professional advice.

Alter the temperature settings

Even a one-degree increase in the thermostat temperature can result in a significant reduction in the amount of energy your A/C system uses to keep your interior cool. An interior temperature that’s a degree higher probably won’t make much difference to your workforce or customers, but could make a noticeable difference to your energy bill!

Another key reason your A/C may be unusually costly to run is simply that it’s nearing the end of its useful lifespan. If you’re considering a fresh A/C installation, or would like to arrange a service using one of our expert technicians, drop Chill-Rite an email.

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