4 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Refrigeration for Your F&B Business

As you take your F&B business to the next level, one of the most important deliberations is the equipment you’ll need to complement the growth. Although you have been able to ‘get away’ with basic or smaller capacity equipment, they will prove to be inadequate for new targets you’ve set for the business. The fact that they can’t be scaled up is a reality you’ll have to confront. Refrigeration is one of them.

Scaling up your equipment is not just a matter of physical size and capacity. One that is often overlooked is other capabilities you’ll require it to perform. For example, as part of your expansion plans, you may want to introduce new items that have specific refrigeration requirements.

Commercial refrigeration tends to be more versatile in functions and capabilities. If you’re deliberating on whether to acquire commercial refrigeration for your growing F&B business, read on.

Table of Contents
commercial refrigeration in orange and dubbo

1. A larger compressor

The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration unit. It controls the temperature by circulating the refrigerant. Generally, a commercial compressor is twice the capacity of a domestic refrigerator. With a growing business, you’re likely to be holding more chilled items. Hence, you’ll need a larger capacity to ensure they are kept well-chilled at all times.

2. Durability

Have you ever noticed the number of times the refrigerator door is opened and closed in your shop or cafe? A lot! It’s one of the signs of a growing business as you move stock in and out of it. This frequency can ‘stress’ the unit. It can even result in a breakdown, which is an incident you can least afford. A commercial refrigeration unit is built to take on this stress. This durability is priceless from a business continuity perspective. It lasts longer than a domestic refrigerator.

3. Design

The quantity and size of the items you’re likely to stock in the refrigerator are large. After all, bulk buying is a common business practice. To this end, not only do you need space, but you also require the flexibility of moving the shelve space accordingly. Unlike a domestic refrigerator, you’ll find more flexible shelving and compartments to suit your needs. You’re unlikely to be inhibited by shelves and compartments that are ‘fixed’ in design and layout.

4. After-sales service

This is an important consideration. You should not wait for a breakdown to occur before you call in the technician. Regular servicing and maintenance will ensure your unit is always performing at its best. It can also help you detect potential problems and take remedial actions early. When you purchase a commercial refrigeration unit, a service and maintenance agreement is one you should look out for too. It’s an after-sales service plan that is not available for domestic refrigerators.

Scaling up the business is challenging. There are just more things for you to keep your eye on. In the area of equipment, you’re better off acquiring those that are made for commercial use. If you’re looking for a commercial refrigeration unit for your business in the area of Orange, Dubbo or Mudgee, book a session with us. Call us on 02 6885 2254 or find more contact details here.