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When the cold weather chill comes sneaking in, send it packing with a quality heating system in your home, office or building. Our team of trained, certified technicians can design, install and service heating systems for any application. Our services cover all of the Central West NSW region, including Dubbo, Orange, Bathurst and Parkes.

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When it comes to quality and dependability, we’ve found that ActronAir, Eureka & Braemar are the best choice for your heating needs. They are affordable, dependable and backed by a long manufacturer’s warranty.

While we could look for lesser-known, cheaper brands, we want to provide the best for our customers. You can still choose to use another brand, but we recommend these from our experience working with them. Even if you pick another brand, we’ll help you install and maintain it to keep you warm when the cold snap arrives.

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Our services cover residential, commercial and industrial applications of all sizes. From small home systems to large industrial ducting, our company can meet your heating needs.

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Don’t let the cold weather leave you frozen in your tracks. Instead, call Chill-Rite Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and let us help. Our team of experts is ready to help with any questions you have.

We can repair, replace or install a new system that meets all your needs and keeps you warm when the temperatures start to drop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my heating system blowing out cold air?

If you have checked the settings and ensured the temperature is correct, there may be something more complex wrong with your system. Whether it’s a dirty air filter or something worse, our team will get to the bottom of it. Book an appointment today.

Why does it smell like something is burning when I turn on the heat?

Dust tends to collect when a system hasn’t been used for a long time. When you turn on the unit, the dust burns off and creates a smell. However, it should not be a consistent smell. If it is, then you need to have your system inspected.

How long should my system last?

Under normal circumstances, your system should last between 10 and 20 years. However, this depends on the system and the load it is handling. An improperly designed system may only last a few years before it fails.