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We specialise in residential ducted air conditioning systems. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are extremely popular for Central West NSW homes as they give you control and flexibility over indoor temperature. We sell, install and service ducted and systems for residential applications.

When looking for a new system, we offer options from ActronAir, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Braemar.

However, we can work with any system, from any brand—even if you bought it from someone else.

We have 40+ staffs who can help install a system that meets your needs. We’re the largest air conditioning company west of the Blue Mountains, and we have many years’ experience helping customers like yourself.

Benefits Of Ducted & Reverse Cycle Air
Conditioning Systems

1. Temperature Control All Year

Whether it’s cold or hot outside, ducted/reverse cycle systems can ensure your home is the perfect temperature any time.

2. We Can Add Ducts Anywhere

Air ducts can blend into your décor seamlessly, being hidden in the floor, the ceiling and on the walls.

3. Control The Temperature Of Your Whole Home

Don’t cool one room—cool the whole house. It is possible to control these systems to keep the whole house at one temperature, or adjust the temperature on a room-by-room basis (depending on system design).

4. Save Money

Keep your costs down by minimising how hard your system is working. Once you achieve an ideal temperature, the system will only run when needed. Smaller systems and portable options run longer and harder, easily costing you more over time.

5. Less Noise

Compared to smaller systems, these are much quieter. Since the majority of the system is hidden behind walls and outside, you’ll hardly notice it is there.

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For all of your air conditioning and heating system needs, contact us. We work on systems from any brand, regardless of if we installed it or not. No obligation quotes are offered.

Let us show you why we’re the largest, most trusted air conditioning company in the Central West NSW region!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these systems quieter thank smaller, portable air conditioning systems?

Yes, these systems are quieter than other systems that are room-centric. Due to their installation and design, the majority of the noise components are hidden behind walls or outside. This limits the noise dramatically.

If these systems cool/heat the whole home, are they more expensive than a room-centric system?

It depends. If you only want to cool a single room in your house, then a ducted system will be more expensive. However, cooling your entire home with a single-room system or many single-room systems will often be more expensive in the long run.

How long should a ducted system last?

In most cases, a ducted system should last between 10 and 20 years. Please speak with our experienced staff at Chill-Rite Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to discuss your site requirements.