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    Ducted Systems Air Conditioning Dubbo & Orange

    We’re specialists when it comes to ducted systems air conditioning, whether it’s sales, installation or service. We’re the largest provider of ducted systems air conditioning Dubbo & Orange have to offer, with over 15 technicians at the ready to provide expert advice and installation services for your home or business.

    We have a track record of quality installations of ducted units in the Central West NSW region, from a simple home installation through to a powerful system for a hospital or shopping centre. We work with the leading brands in the business including ActronAir, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Braemar and more.


    Benefits of ducted systems

    Ducted and reverse cycle air conditioning units are very popular and used in many residential homes in the central west NSW region. Why? Because of the many benefits they have to offer, such as:

    • The ability to have both cool and hot air all year round, around your whole home. Your entire home will have a series of ducts that provide the air you need to keep you and the household comfortable.
    • The air ducts are not noticeable and can be added to the floor, ceiling, or on your walls. You won’t even notice the ducts as they will blend in with your home’s interior design. You also save on space when compared to getting a series of air conditioning units installed in separate rooms.
    • You have the ability to easily set the overall temperature of your home. You can either have the air ventilating around your whole house or customise it to let it flow to specific rooms. This saves on energy and will focus on your comfort in the specific rooms you are in.
    • Ducted air conditioning units are less noisy when compared to other air conditioning units, as the ducted air conditioning system is found outside the home. In turn, your family or employees will have a better time concentrating on important matters.


    Ducted and Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Services in Dubbo, Orange & Surrounds

    Ducted or Reverse Cycle air conditioning units will require a more specific and detailed installation process when compared to other air conditioning systems. This is because you are working with multiple ducts and need them installed around your entire building.

    That is why it’s best to work with a reputable A/C company – to give you the quality services that make your investment worth it. At Chill-Rite we offer just, with almost ten years of experience servicing Central West NSW residents.

    We offer our services around Dubbo, Orange, Parkes, Bathurst and the central NSW region. You will get the best in service and attention to detail with Chill-Rite. Get the right ducted air conditioning unit for your home today and contact us now for a free consultation!