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Keeping your home comfortable can be difficult, especially when the temperature gets hot. There are so many systems to choose from—how do you decide what’s best for you? At Chill-Rite Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we can help.

We’ve been installing air conditioning systems since 2007, and we know what works for our clients. The split system is one of the most popular types in the Central West NSW region. These systems are affordable, easy to use and work for many residential applications.

Benefits of a Split System

1. Control The Temperature

Split systems give you control over the temperature of each room. Most have remotes to make it easier to adjust without you having to get up.

2. Suitable For Many Applications

Split systems have attractive designs and blend in well with almost any décor. As such, they work well with homes of any type.

3. Easy To Maintain

Keeping these units clean is a breeze. They have special dust collectors that can be removed in seconds and they don’t require as much attention as larger systems.

4. Quiet Operation

The motors are extremely quiet and aren’t obtrusive. You’ll probably get used to the low noise and forget they’re even on.

Types Of
Split System

As you can see, split systems have a lot of configuration options and styles available for selection.

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We can answer all your questions, find and install the best system for you and make sure it runs smoothly for years to come.

In addition to Dubbo, we have offices in Orange and Mudgee. We are happy to undertake jobs in Parkes, Tamworth and all other areas in the Central West region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will split systems be able to cool larger areas such as main living spaces and bedrooms?

In the event you have a large room, a split system may require multiple units. It is only possible to decide after completing an inspection of your space. In most cases, a single unit is sufficient for a single room.

Are split systems as quiet as ducted and systems?

Split systems will be a little noisier than ducted systems. Split systems don’t remove the motor, fan or compressor from the room you are in. As such, they will be a little louder than a ducted system installation.

Are these cost-effective solutions for a whole home?

This depends on your needs. If you only need cooling for one or two rooms during the day, this could easily save you money. However, if you need to keep the whole house cool during the day, then a split system could cost you more than a traditional ducted system. It’s best to contact a reputable company and have them inspect your property.