Don’t Like the Look of Air Cons? Cover Up!

Most Australians need to have air conditioning in the homes in order to keep themselves cool during the warmer months. If you don’t have an AC, then you can quickly become cooked in your living room. The only downside to air conditioning in Orange is that it can sometimes look very unattractive or contrary to the design of your home. Chill-Rite want to offer you some suggestions about how to hide your units.

Use it as a shelf

Find yourself some plywood, and perhaps some paint or laminate material, and add shelving above the AC unit. Put some pots on it, or perhaps the few books, and they should distract from your AC unit.

air conditioning cover up

Enclose it

If you want to completely conceal your AC unit from Chill-Rite, then you might consider enclosing it with a console cabinet or similar structure. You can buy these from DIY retailers, and can be a way of doing something different with your AC unit.

Conceal it with wallpaper

If you want to do something more unusual with your AC unit, then you might consider concealing it using double sided tape and bits of paper. Wallpaper, craft paper and other forms of decorative paper might be the ideal way to conceal your unit. Leaving the ends of the paper free to flap in any breeze can make an interesting talking point.

Use curtains

Some people prefer to use curtains to conceal their AC unit. Some suggest a cafe curtain, which can conceal the unit itself while still allowing the AC unit good air flow. These curtains are quite short, and hang on a rail which you can install above the AC unit. This also allows you could access to your unit for when you need to start it up or call in a Chill-Rite team.

Use shutter screens

If you are trying to conceal your major AC unit outside, then Chill-Rite recommend that you try using shutter screens. If you can recycle these from another building, or from second-hand shops, then all the better. Simply line them up against the edge of the unit, paint them bright colours, and screw them into position.

Get more out of your AC unit

If you think the air conditioning unit in your Orange home is functional and boring, Chill-Rite can suggest some ways to brighten up your space. If you need a new unit, or they need a service, send us an enquiry or call 02-6885-2254 for a free quote today.