When You Should Look at Installing A New Air Conditioning Unit

Buying a new air conditioning unit can be a costly investment, but eventually you may need to change your current unit for something new. Not all units expire within a few years, so it can be difficult to know when your air conditioning in Orange needs to be replaced. Chill-Rite are here to offer you some advice about how to know when you should be looking at fitting a new AC unit.

new air conditioning unit orange

Consider the lifespan of the unit

The majority of AC units have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. The edge of your current air conditioner will certainly be one of the most significant factors in deciding whether you need something new. For example, you may decide that after 10 years of use, your unit is not likely to be the most efficient at humidifying your room or cooling your space.

Consider your energy bill

The most modern AC units are likely to help you to save energy more, and as your older unit starts to be less effective, you are likely to notice an increase in your utility bills, and these bills may eventually be more than your neighbours or surrounding businesses. This indicates that the unit is not working effectively anymore, and that you need to contact Chill-Rite to obtain a new AC system.

Your unit uses old refrigerants

In the last few years, Australia has ruled out the use of specific types of refrigerant in air-conditioning systems. Older units tend to use this cooling liquid, known as R22, and as this refrigerant becomes harder to obtain, it increases the cost of maintaining your older air conditioner.

Getting excess dust

If you are experiencing an increased level of dust in your home, this suggests that your AC unit is bringing in contaminants from outside, and that your ductwork is leaking. You could get your unit repair but installing a brand-new air conditioning system may be the best option.

Contact us to find out more

If you are wondering whether it is worth installing new air conditioning in your Orange home or business, then you need to speak to the team at Chill-Rite. We are the experts in providing AC units for local properties in Orange and Dubbo and can provide you with the best alternative to your older air conditioner. To find out more or for a free quote, contact us today using our online form or call 02-6885-2254 now.