Why Domestic Air Conditioning Is Essential for A Comfortable Home

He average summer temperature in Australia is climbing every year, and as buildings become unbearably hot, you may be wondering whether your portable fans are the best solution. You may want to know more about your options for domestic air conditioning in Orange, and should consider asking Chill Rite more questions about whether AC units are essential to keep your home cool and comfortable.

domestic air conditioner in dubbo living room

Affordable and convenient

Every year, electricity costs for individual homes in Australia rise, and some reports state that in the last five years, energy prices have risen by around 50 percent. There are 40 hours of peak demand each year, obviously during the hot weather, when people are shelling out to keep cool. In comparison to portable fans, a split system AC unit can cost as little as $0.25 per hour.

Avoiding heat waves

While even countries like the UK are increasingly turning to AC units, in Australia they can be essential because heat waves are a growing danger to a population. Unless you have some way of controlling the amount of heat coming into your home, you may quickly become overwhelmed by excess heat. By using a simple AC unit from Chill Rite, you can get better control over the temperature inside your property in the height of summer.

Better environmental effects

Modern air conditioning units are not only popular because they offer you a way to manage the heat inside your property effectively, but they also provide better environmental efficiency than handheld or portable fans. For example, there are less CFCs in air-conditioners, and the future suggests that more environmentally friendly methods will be used to keep your home cool without damaging the environment.

Making the most of your AC unit

If you want to make sure that you get the best from your new AC unit, then you should consider acting to increase its cooling properties. For example, when using an air conditioner, you need to keep doors and windows closed, preferably creating small spaces that the AC unit can cool very rapidly. We can also recommend closing curtains or using window tint to reduce the temperature inside your home.

Find out how we can help you today

If you need more advice about installing domestic air conditioning in your Orange or Dubbo home, then speak to Chill Rite today. We can assist you with selecting the right air conditioner today, so contact us for a quick quote today or call our office in Orange 02 6361 4442 or in Dubbo 02 6885 2254 now.