What is the air quality like in Dubbo? Does AC improve air quality?

If you’re a resident in Dubbo, NSW or are perhaps moving to Dubbo soon, you’re probably wondering what the air quality is like. You’re not alone. Many people like to know what the air quality is like in the areas they live in for a variety of reasons. Air quality is important as it can not only affect your quality of life but your long term health as well. Knowing these ahead of time can help you prepare yourself and your home.
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Dubbo air quality

How can you measure air quality?

The AQI (Air Quality Index) is an index that indicates how polluted or clean the air is in areas across the world. The higher the number, the more polluted the air in your local area is. The scale reads as follows:

  • 0-33 – very good
  • 34-66 – good
  • 67-99 – fair
  • 100-149 – poor
  • 150-199 – very poor
  • 200+ – hazardous

What is the air quality like in Dubbo?

According to the AQI, the air quality in Dubbo sits within the 0-33 range. This means that the air quality in Dubbo, NSW is very good. The air quality can and does fluctuate a bit, due to external factors such as the environment, however, Dubbo air quality tends to be very good. This is great news for anyone that may have breathing issues or is sensitive to environmental factors. The air quality in Dubbo is ideal for most individuals.

Does AC improve air quality?

The benefits of air conditioning are numerous. Not only does it help to cool down your home and make it much more comfortable in the hot summer months, but AC can help to improve the air quality in your home as well. It works by increasing airflow and ventilation around your home. This increased ventilation helps to reduce or remove humidity and pollutants by circulating and filtering them out of the air in your home.

AC is particularly helpful if you live in an area that doesn’t have great air quality. It helps to purify the air of contaminants and ensure that your home is a much more comfortable environment for you.

Can air quality affect your health?

Air quality can affect your health in a variety of ways. At a basic level, poor air can irritate your nose, throat, eyes, lungs and sinuses. For those who may have underlying health concerns, poor air quality can cause shortness of breath as well as aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions. In serious cases, it can affect your heart and cardiovascular system. Prolonged breathing of poor air can lead to other serious health conditions that could be avoided by living in areas with less air pollution.

Clean air is good air

Whether you live in Dubbo already or were planning a move soon, knowing that Dubbo has very good quality air can have you breathing a sigh of relief. However, if you want to ensure that your home always has the best possible air you can provide it with, you can always consider installing air conditioning into your home. Contact our professionals by calling 02 6885 2254 today to learn more.