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Why Is My Air Conditioning Whistling?

With the summer fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your air conditioning system is working optimally. You don’t want to wait till the blistering heights of the warmest months to find out that your air con is malfunctioning.

Unpleasant smells and strange noises are some of the most common signs that there is an issue with your air conditioning system. If your air con is emitting a whistling noise, this is an indication that something is not quite right. Read on to find out why your air conditioning system is whistling, and how you can fix it.

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Most Common Reason Your Air Conditioning System Is Whistling

When it comes to a concerning whistling noise, the most common cause of the issue in your air conditioning is the airflow. The return vents and ductwork draw air from your home into the machine in order to cool it down. If there isn’t enough airflow, the machine has to work harder to pull air in, leading to air being drawn in at high speeds and high pressures. It is this intense speed and pressure that causes the high-pitched whistle to emit from the unit.

Common Air Flow Problems You Can Fix Yourself Now

Not every issue with your air conditioning unit means costly repairs and a call out to a professional. Some common problems are fairly simple and can be fixed without any outside help or specialist tools. To save you some stress, here are the most common airflow problems and how you can fix them for yourself.

Blocked Air Filter

Over time, your system’s air filter can become blocked by dust and debris. This can prevent your air conditioning unit from working effectively and can lead to a whistling noise as the system tries to draw air through a clogged filter. Luckily, there is an easy fix to this common problem. Simply consult your unit’s manual to safely remove the clogged filter. This can then be cleaned or replaced, so your unit can continue to function effectively.

Remove Obstructions

An easy way for airflow to be reduced is if furniture or other items are blocking the air con unit. Anything from curtains to toys could be obstructing the airflow, so make sure to clear the immediate area around the unit to optimize the airflow before panicking too much.

Check Dampers

Most air conditioning units feature dampers that allow you to reduce the airflow into unused rooms. If too many dampers are closed, it can put a strain on the system and prevent your air con from working as it should. Check the position of your dampers if your unit starts to falter, as this may be the cause.

Open Doors

When the air con is trying to circulate air around the property, if all of your doors are closed it becomes a lot more difficult for this to happen. Consider opening at least one or two doors to alleviate the strain on your machine.

Issues That Require An Air Conditioning Expert

While there are a fair few problems that are quite straightforward to solve, there are also a lot of complicated components to your air conditioning. This means some of the most intricate issues will require an air conditioning expert to be fixed. Here are some of the problems that might occur that you will need to contact a professional to get put right.

Duct Leaks

Ductwork is put in and joined with a series of seals which ensure that the air continues to flow within the piping. Over time, it is not uncommon for some of these seals to come loose which can cause a whistling noise. This also makes your system much less efficient, so if you think this is the problem, make sure to get in touch with a professional who can fix it for you.

Bearings Or Belts

Pay close attention to the noise that your air con unit makes. What sounds like a whistling could actually be more of a screech, and if it is your problem is more likely to be to do with the internal bearings or the drive belt. This could be an indicator that the unit will soon stop working entirely, which means you should get in contact with an expert as soon as possible to keep your system running.

Where To Get Help

If you suspect an issue with your air conditioning that is not resolving with simple fixes, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Chill-Rite, we can provide expert advice, repairs and maintenance services, as well as install the latest air conditioning systems. Get in touch today to talk to an air con expert.